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Austin Simmons 'Best Chef' by Houston Press

Houston Press the city’s only major news and entertainment weekly is as brash and freewheeling as Houston itself. With over 600,000 readers each month in print and more than 3 million page views each month online, readers like what they see. Each year the Houston Press painstakingly curates a list of arts & entertainment, food & drink, shopping & services & sports & recreation for their ‘Best of Houston’ awards & our very own Executive Chef Austin Simmons has been chosen as ‘Best Chef’.

“This year, we selected chef Austin Simmons of Hubbell & Hudson Bistro, Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen and Cureight for his ambition and courage in bringing sophisticated, high-end fare to The Woodlands.”

“It’s only the beginning of a dining experience like no other in The Woodlands, and Simmons is the one making it happen.”

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