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Mary Carol Kenney

Hubbell & Hudson features local artists; known as the &EIGHT group.

This month, we’re featuring artwork from Mary Carol Kenney. Visit Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen to see Kenney’s artwork on display and join us for a wine reception on Monday, Nov. 14, 6-8 p.m. in her honor. Additional artwork and prints of hers will also be available. 

Mary Carol Kenney

Mary Carol Kenney was born and raised in Indianapolis, Ind. She attended Herron School of Art in Indianapolis, Santa Barbara School of Continuing Education and Santa Barbara City College. Kenney studied with Rick Stich and focused primarily on figurative work with oil painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture. She’s won numerous awards including Outstanding Woman Artist of Santa Barbara in 2007; Best of the Best in Lompoc, Cali., in 2009; and was the gold medal recipient of the National Museum of Sports award in 2010. She has been published in three national and three regional magazines including the September edition of The Artist Magazine. Kenney moved to The Woodlands in 2013 to be near her daughter and soon-to-arrive granddaughter.

Yellow, Blue and Green

Little Moon

Wedding Kimono