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Each month, Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen features one of eight local artists; known as the &EIGHT group.

March 2015; we are featuring Mary Ploegsma’s paintings.

Me and My Shadow
Encaustics by Mary Ploegsma

Encaustic from the Greek ‘Enkaustikos’ meaning ‘to burn in’. Encaustic art dates back to 100-300 A.D. and was used by the Egyptians and later by the Greeks and Romans. It is also known as ‘hot wax painting’ as a pigment is often added to the wax which is applied in layers to a surface.

Encaustics as an art form has intrigued me for years and last summer, while in Victoria B.C., I had the good fortune to be part of an Encaustic workshop with artist/photographer Tony Bounsell. These pieces are the result of that experience.

For more information on Mary Ploegsma’s work, visit www.maryploegsma.com.