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Eater Houston is a foodie source for people who care about dining and drinking in the nation’s most important establishments. Eater editorial comprises one of the most authoritative and respected teams across food media and the hospitality industry today. Eater Houston’s Jakeisha Wilmore published an article on the Hottest Restaurants in Houston. The write-up compiles a list based around what has everyone buzzing in the Houston area and talks about restaurants that you can’t miss. Hubbell & Hudson Bistro takes one of these top spots, for its progressive and elevated fare.

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Eater Houston the Hottest restaurants in Houston

On April 10th Eater Houston’s Jakeisha Wilmore also published an article on the Hottest Brunches in Houston. This exclusive list is focused on brunch, a popular midday meal that is fast becoming an integral part of weekend culture all over the nation & Houston has some of the best. Hubbell & Hudson Bistro was listed for its impeccable plating & show stoping breakfast fare.

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Eater Houston Hottest Brunches in Houston

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