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B52 Brewery Conroe

Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen Working with B52 Brewery

Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen is proud to be a promoter of local business and we aim to expand this support further into 2015. B52 Brewery, based in Conroe TX, have been featured at several events at Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen. They are often one of our 6-featured craft beers on tap, varying with the seasons. B52 Brewery also attended the 2014 Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen Oktoberfest, an event featuring 50+ craft brews, live music, great food & more.

B52 Brewery Kegs

On-site with B52 Brewery, Conroe

Founded by Brent Daniels and his brother Chad. The original homebrew, once a hobby that the brothers shared, has grown into a lucrative family business. Neither of the brothers had planned or could have imagined the growth of B52 Brewery. It has been a natural progression from the first 5-gallon batch, started on their stove top, to a hangar sized facility with regular new seasonal brews.

B52 patio

First Friday Craft Beer Tasting

On the First Friday of every month we invite a Craft Beer Brewery to be part of a public tasting event; a chance for the brewery to showcase local favorites, new brews and to socialize with our guests directly. B52 Brewery was recently part of this, on the 2nd of January they served their B52 Pilsner, Wingman Wheat IPA & Breakfast Stout. With a great turn out, we know that B52 Brewery is one to watch and we look forward to working with this local family business more in the future.

B52 First Friday

B52 Food Pairing